ORGANIZER Chess Club Ružomberok
International Physically Disabled Chess Association (IPCA)
AEGIS Doc. JUDr. Robert Fico, CSc. - Prime Minister of Slovak Republic
GUARANTOR Ing. Erika JURINOVÁ – Vice-President of National Council of Slovak Republic
TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR Marek Zelnicky, phone: +421907390407,
ARBITER IA Ivan SYROVY (ID 14904195) – chief arbiter
IA Karol PEKAR (ID 14902370) – online arbiter
IA Rastislav DIVIAK (ID 14908204) – online arbiter
GUARANTOR Ing. Erika JURINOVÁ – Vice-President of National Council of Slovak Republic
DATE AND PLACE 18th June 2015 (arrival day) – 27th June 2015 (departure day).
Hotel Sorea Regia, Bratislava, Slovakia.
  • Tournament "A"
    The 15th IPCA World Individual Chess Championship 2015 for disabled chess players (men, women and juniors 1997 year of birth or younger) with reduced efficiency of the musculoskeletal system in wheelchairs and others according to the IPCA medical criterions.
  • Tournament "B"
    The FIDE open tournament (with the participation of chess players with accompanists after tournament director ́s agreement).
PLAYING SYSTEM Swiss system in 9 rounds. Pairings program: SwissManager.
TIME CONTROL 90 minutes per game plus bonus 30 seconds for each move.
  1. Medium Buchholz
  2. Full Buchholz
  3. FIDE progress
Date Tournaments “A” and “B”
18.06.2015 Thursday 14:00-18:00 – Arrival and registration of participants
19:00 – Technical meeting and drawing of lots
19.06.2015 Friday 14:30 – Opening ceremony
15:00-19:00 – 1st round
20.06.2015 Saturday 09:30-13:00 – Blitz tournament
15:00-19:00 – 2nd round
21.06.2015 Sunday 09:00-13:00 - 3rd round
15:00-19:00 – 4th round
22.06.2015 Monday 15:00-19:00 – 5th round
23.06.2015 Tuesday 09:00-13:00 – 22nd IPCA Congress
15:00-19:00 – 6th round
24.06.2015 Wednesday 09:00-13:00 – Match Russia – the rest of the world
15:00-19:00 – 7th round
25.06.2015 Thursday 15:00-19:00 – 8th round
26.06.2015 Friday 13:00-17:00 – 9th round
18:15 – Closing ceremony and Banquet
27.06.2015 Saturday 08:00–12:00 – Departure of participants
PRIZES The financial prizes for men and women in tournaments "A" and "B" (no less than 20% of participants).
The number and amount of monetary prizes will be announced after the second round.
Medals, cups and diplomas in all categories
The right of participation in IPCA team on the FIDE World Chess Olympiad 2016 (according to the results in two the IPCA World Chess Championships, tournament "A" in 2015 and 2016).
ACCOMMODATION, BOARD AND TRANSPORT Accommodation and the full board from dinner on 18th June 2015 to breakfast on 22th June 2015 in hotel Sorea Regia, Bratislava, Slovakia.
The organizer guarantees the conditions of residence barrier-free for disabled participants of the tournament
Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia in the western Slovakia. You can get to Bratislava by train, plane or by bus. Another nearest airport is 50km from Bratislava in Schwechat.
If necessary, the organizer can provide the transport from the station (train or bus) or from the airport in Bratislava for free. From the airport in Schwechat for fee to the place of residence by bus with the lift for persons on wheelchairs. Please, inform when and at which station it should be expected of your arrival.
  • Payment for participation in the tournament involves: accommodation, full-board, entry fee, snacks, final banquet, gifts, program for chess players
  • For chess players in tournament “A” and “B” – 550 Eur per person.
  • For attendants of disabled players and accompanying persons – 500 Eur per person.
  • Additional payment for the extra days is 49 Eur per person.
  • Prevoz účastníkov z letiska Schwechat a späť – 40 Eur per transport.
  • The participation costs should be paid to the bank account of the organizer but not later than 15th May 2015.
    BANK NAME: Československá obchodná banka, a.s.
    BANK ADDRESS: Michalská 18, 815 63 Bratislava
    IBAN: SK51 7500 0000 0040 0176 4780
    Arrival and registration of participants: 18th June 2015 since 2:00 PM.
    Departure: 27th June 2015 until 12:00 PM.
APPLICATION TO THE TOURNAMENT AND VISAS Registration to the 15th IPCA World Individual Chess Championship 2015 in both categories:
Until15st April 2015 – the preliminary application with numbers all participants of your delegation (especially with indication of the number of players on wheelchairs).
Until15st May 2015 – the officially certified application form of delegation.
Delegations are responsible for obtain the visas to Slovakia if needed. Please contact the organizers to receive the official invitation letter. You can find information about visas rules between Slovakia and other countries on URL link:
OTHER INFORMATION The 15th IPCA World Individual Chess Championship 2015 will be played according to the current FIDE rules in force since 01.07.2014.
The player who arrives at the round (at chess table) with a delay of more than 30 minutes after the start of the round, loses the game.
The organizer has the right to interpret of the Regulations, and all matters relating with the play rules are in jurisdiction of chief arbiter.
The decisions of the chief arbiter during the competition are final.
In all matters not included in that communication decides the organizer of tournament.
For the capacity of the player to participation in the tournament, as well as for his insurance are responsible delegating organizations.
The representatives of the National Chess Federations of IPCA who have got a mandate to represent their countries will participate in the 22nd IPCA Congress in Bratislava on 23th June 2015.